Additional Services

Gilytics provides training and support services to help our customer make the most of their Pathfinder licenses.

Additional services are provided for a fee.

Pilot Projects

If you are not sure how Pathfinder will help your organization or need to validate the methodology before moving to a subscription license, the best way is to see the software in practice by using it in a real or prototype project and comparing this process with your existing workflows to check the time savings, transparency, quantitavite analysis and other advantages of Pathfinder.

Data Services

If you need support for collecting data in your area or prepare it to be used in Pathfinder, let us know. We have an expert team of Geographical Information Systems specialists and a growing repositoy of data.


Analysis Services

Gilytics’ expert team can also setup special analysis scenarios, calculate and discuss the results with you and your stakeholders.

Also, some processes can be run for you in batch mode to automate multiple scenarios.

Sensitivity Analysis

The goal of this analysis is to find routing corridors which are robust: they don’t change much when different resistance parameters are used in the different layers. The process involves running automatically the routing calculation with different parameter combinations.

A configuration page let’s Gilytics configure and run this analysis by using two scenarios defining the minimum and maximum resistance values to test for each layer. An optimized parallel processing infrastructure is used to execute all variations in a reasonable time.


The results are provided as a raster map showing all generated paths superimposed, and also as a dataset with all the paths (which can be several thousands) in vector format.


Customization Services

Do you use a specific MCDA formula to combine the scenario resistances or have a cost calculation model to be integrated in Pathfinder? Do you have special infrastructure siting or routing constraints? Do you need a custom geoprocess to calculate additional results?

Gilytics can create custom components, integrated in Pathfinder, to fulfil your requirements.