User Management

Pathfinder provides an easily manageable set of user profiles, basically, admin/staff users and non-staff users.


Only administrator users can access the administration site.

Administration Site

Before performing any administration tasks, the admin user must login into the administration site with the credentials provided by Gilytics:


After logging in, the user will see the administration index page:


The Users section is located lower in the page:


When the admin user clicks on the Users link, the list of current users in the company is displayed:


The User Type column shows which is the user profile (SuperUser –only for Gilytics–, Administrator, Editor or Viewer).

The Last Login column displays the date of the last login. In this way, when we create users we can make sure later that they have actually accessed successfully the application.

Remove Users

Users can be removed by selecting them with the left checkbox and then selecting the “Delete” action.


However, it is recommended to deactivate the users instead of deleting them, to avoid any problem accessing projects these users may have created.

Edit User Options

By clicking on a user name, we can access a page to change his/her options:


Editable properties include:

  • User name

  • Email address for notifications

  • User type among the defined profiles

  • Activation status. As mentioned, it is preferable to deactivate a user rather than delete him/her.

  • Trial account. This option is used to deactivate automatically the account after 15 days.

Reset User Password

Users can reset their passwords when they forget them, but the admin user can also explicitly set new passwords for users, by clicking on the password reset link:


This page will be displayed to perform the password reset:


Add New Users

To add new users, go to the Users section and click on the Add User button:


A form will be displayed to fill in the User Name (which can be changed later if necessary) and the password:


Note that the user name must not contain spaces or punctuation characters.

Click on “Save and continue editing”. The next page is identical to the user editing form we have seen before.

After clicking on the “Save” button, the new user will be available in the company list.

Check User Activity

Next to the Users link, the administrator can find a link to check the daily user activity:


In this page, the admin can see the earliest and latest user activity each day.


Single Sign-On

Authentication using :doc: SAML 2.0 <> is now supported in Pathfinder. This enables users to enter Pathfinder through their company’s login.

This feature, as well as the integration of Pathfinder activity log into another company’s own event management system, can be provided upon request by Gilytics if there is a compatible service available.


Disclaimer: the scenarios depicted in this manual do not represent actual customer projects or infrastructure proposals, and are presented for demonstration purposes only.

For more help, please use the help chat in the application, or contact Gilytics.