What’s New in Version 3.4.3

In addition to other improvements and bug fixes, these are the main new features of the latest Pathfinder release:

Previous releases:

Georeferenced comments

The ability to add and share georeferenced comments to Pathfinder is a major new feature in this release. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as collaborative planning, stakeholder engagement, public consultation, inspection and field tasks management.

After this initial version, next releases will add more options to Pathfinder’s commenting system.


See the comments page to find out how to add and share comments with other members of your organization.

Locate pylons on map

In addition to listing the pylon location and other attributes, the pylon report now allows users to easily locate a specific pylon on the map.

Just click on one of the table rows and the map will zoom to the desired location, highlighting it with a yellow circle.


Support for WFS with no spatial filters

Some WFS services do not support standard features correctly and they need some special configuration.

To help with one of the most common issues, a checkbox has been added to disable the spatial filter in the base layer WFS configuration if the server fails to return any features for a specific layer.

Please try to disable this option if you find this kind of problem, or contact Gilytics for support.


Height variation in path profile

The path profile report now includes additional stats related to height variation below the line chart. See that manual section for details.


Disclaimer: the scenarios depicted in this manual do not represent actual customer projects or infrastructure proposals, and are presented for demonstration purposes only.

For more help, please use the help chat in the application, or contact Gilytics.